“To help people attain a better quality of life”

“To educate people on the strength of TCM as a form of healthcare”


Sarah Anderson – Registered Acupuncturist RAc

Completion of a four year educational program of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I began pursuing the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its potential to treat such a large and diverse number of illnesses and conditions. I wanted to be able to offer people a type of healthcare that could not only relieve the symptoms they are experiencing, but also address the root of the problem, ultimately having an overall positive effect on the person’s health. I believe Traditional Chinese Medicine has so much potential in these areas. I look forward to the chance to work with you in dealing with all of your health concerns.

Joseph Staples – Registered Acupuncturist RAc

Completion of a four year educational program of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I first began my career in the health field over a decade ago. My background in health care before learning Traditional Chinese Medicine was in practicing Emergency Medicine in the pre hospital care setting or ambulance. I wanted to have a profession where my desire to help people would be at the core of all the choices and expectations that I made. The pre hospital care setting was a great choice for me and it still is to this day.

My interest for learning TCM was brought on by experiencing the positive impact that it has when dealing with chronic disease. I became aware of this after working within healthcare and seeing the difficulties in dealing with chronic disease and illness. I began learning TCM because of the strong life changing impacts it had to offer. As of now I am looking to work with people that are struggling with health problems that they need help with.

Emily Norman – Registered

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Practitioner 

RMT, Reiki Master Practitioner

Emily graduated from Makami College with a 3000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma. Emily’s practice is well rounded, but her passion is to support the body to reconnect with the mind. Emily believes the trauma we experience lives in our cells, our DNA and our bodily tissues and that massage therapy can move stagnated energy (trauma cells) out of the body. Emily is also a Reiki Master and can integrate reiki into massage therapy as a great way to aid in your wellness journey.