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Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating gynecological issues in women’s health. Instead of looking at the individual symptoms a woman is experiencing, TCM accepts that everything in the body is interrelated. This means that the TCM treatment is based on all things happening in the body as a whole in order to treat a specific complaint.

Whether it be difficulty conceiving, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) irregular menstrual cycles, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or any other gynecological disorders, Chinese Medicine has proven to be a very effective treatment.

Menstrual Cycle

One of the unique factors about TCM is it’s view of the menstrual cycle. It is by far one of the most important diagnostic indicators that TCM can use to assess the a woman’s health. The reason this is so important to TCM practitioners is the understanding it gives to the metabolic functions taking place in the body. In TCM, the movement of qi and blood are reflective of metabolic function. The characteristics of qi and blood movement help us to understand the quality of the menstrual cycle.

The details that we look for to assess the menstrual cycle are the regularity, the flow, any pain in the cycle, premenstrual symptoms and other associated symptoms. Knowing that the menstrual cycle indicates the overall health of the body, we can say that your best choice for current and future health concerns is to attempt to regulate your menstrual cycle.

  1. If you are experiencing any symptoms or complaints around your menstrual cycle, TCM can help.
  2. If you are having difficulties in conceiving, or are wanting to have a healthy pregnancy, consider using TCM.
  3. If you are dealing with postpartum symptoms that are preventing you from getting back to your normal, TCM may be useful as a treatment option.
  4. If you are suffering from menopause symptoms, consider using TCM as relief.


What modern medicine sees as a change in hormone production with age, TCM sees as the decline of yin. The symptoms that are experienced with the decline of yin are often the reason women look for help from TCM. The decline of yin is a natural process as we age that TCM can not stop but can moderate.

The complaints a person experiences are when the yin declines too fast in relation to yang. These complaints are also known as the hormone imbalance that brings about the symptoms characteristic of menopause. When dealing with the complaints of menopause we would first address current symptoms. The next step is to moderate the decline of yin in relation to yang. This is the more important part of the treatment. This is one of the few areas in TCM where it is necessary for ongoing treatment until yin and yang are balanced again. The most common example of this ongoing treatment is taking herbs through the winter months.


TCM strongly recommends that it is necessary to regulate the menstrual cycle for optimal fertility and healthy pregnancy. A preparation phase for a woman who is trying to conceive is one of the protocols that TCM implements. The reason for the preparation is because pregnancy has the possibility to take a serious toll on a woman’s health if the body is not ready. For those who are currently trying to conceive and having difficulty in doing so, we can work with you and would very much like to do so. TCM can be an excellent option for enhancing fertility.

For more information please refer to our fertility page.

Post Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is emphasis put on supporting the health of the mother, since it directly affects the growth and development of the fetus. TCM also puts a strong emphasis on maintaining the woman’s health after delivery to avoid the problems that are commonly associated with postpartum. TCM sees post pregnancy problems as a deficiency of yin and blood. It is the pregnancy and delivery that cause the loss of these materials. Again, this is why TCM has such high regard for treatment before conception and after delivery. Maintaining a healthy state of yin and blood production is paramount to a woman’s health. Replenishing yin and blood after pregnancy is also just as important.

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